A Silent Hit – Valentine’s night

Sangram singh and Payal RohatgiInspite of the general review written about the movie Valentine’s Night, it has been running to house full since last 4 days and especially on the valentine’s day. The low budget movie starring Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi has been a silent winner on the box office. The producers have been quite happy with the way Valentine’s Night unfolded and gradually caught the attention of the viewers. Though not marketed much and hyped, Valentine’s night has already been a profit earner. The business has been quite good in the metros and major cities on the valentine’s day running to packed cinema halls.

Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh’s chemistry and presence has been very instrumental in making the movie a crowd puller. The film turned out to be a money spinner in a short span of time for its producers.
Payal rohatgi and Sangram singh’s name definitely attracted crowds to the movie as other actors in the movie are unknown. Sangram turned up a very savvy performance while as Payal Rohatgi rendered a very stable and steady performance. Payal rohatgi has the potential to be a seasoned actor which is reflected in this movie wherein the scope of her role is quite limited. Sangram Singh’s first time attempt at acting can be termed as interesting and thought provoking. The movie would have been more enjoyable if the first half would have been a bit fast paced. The second half is thrilling with events spiraling in multi directional manner. The movie in totality contains breakups, get together, murder plot, loyalty test , underworld gang parallel plot and a whole lot of drama which unfolds slowly. Payal rohatgi’s song O re bawara is a quite soulful and soothing. Rakhi Sawant’s item number fails to impress as the punch word is missing in the lyrics. The choreography of the song is awful and the camera angles taken contribute to the aimlessness of the whole song. The dress designer for the movie has certainly been experimental in his workings and provides a spectrum of contemporary clothing used by the young generation. The movie as per its producers was finished in a record time of 2 months from concept to completion. Hurried flashes of storyline and direction are quite visible. The editing should have been more focused on continuity as the movie seems to unfold in patches. Payal rohatgi and Sangram Singh’s chemistry is very vibrant and reflected in the movie.
Valentine’s night is a onetime watch movie which has its share of slow moving story and a sudden rollercoaster ride which viewers experience.


Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi In Your Near Cinema Halls

Sangram Singh and Payal RohatgiFinally the day came when people will go to theaters to have their stars performing lead role in a movie. For the fan followings on their valentine Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh has given them a gift to enjoy. They will love to watch the relationship and on-screen chemistry between them. The actual compatibility between the couple started when they perform together as contestants in a star plus reality show “Survivor India”. It is said that love is blind and lovers are mad. This B-Town couple is now a days can be seen everywhere flaunting their love. It is not only the strength of love on which the couple is working but hard work also matters. Without leaving a stone unturned they are promoting movie so that there come no complaints from the fan followings regarding their stars. Indore, Ahmdabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Noida, Chandigarh, Mumbai the list does not ends here. There are the places were these stars have been spending night and day to promote their movie. Their working schedule was so engaged that if on one hour they are in Indore no one knows when they took flight and fly to some other state.
In a new flourishing relationship people demands time from one another but this couple has not seen day or night, winter or rain they ran from one city to another to make their audience know about them. They went to several malls, theaters and auditoriums and interacted with people. They sing and dance with them and in that moment of time relax themselves. People loved taking autographs from their stars. Sangram Singh & Payal Rohatgi, also answer their questions in which mostly people were curious to know about Sangram’s physique and how their love story took heights. The couple doesn’t hide the actual story of incidences which results in their existing relationship. On the one hand where people were curious to see just a glimpse of Payal Rohatgi and on other simplicity of Sangram Singh’s nature moved audiences. Wherever he goes this trait of him make everyone his fan. Payal also self confessed the fact that its his simplicity and physique which turned her. Sangram Singh when flaunted his body people said its like Salmaan Bhai. What is his secret of such muscular strength was one question every young guy was curious to know while the girls were flattered to see such muscles. As they always desire to have such a man besides her.
Celluloid love story Now the two real life lovers will get to romance each other with a vengeance in Valentine’s Night – their first romantic thriller together, which is releasing on 10th February 2012. Directed by Kirshan & Badal under the banner of Kirshnam Mediatech Pvt. Ltd, the film ‘Valentine’s Night’ chronicles the life of four couples calling it quits on Valentine’s Day in New Delhi.
Produced by Kirshan Kumar & Sanjeev Malhotra, it has story & dialogues by Kumar Badal, and it’s music is on T-Series. Rag him about this filmy twist to their love story and Sangram says rather shyly: “It didn’t feel like a shoot at all because we were just being ourselves. And you have to see the chemistry to believe it!”

Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi caught making love together…..

Sangram Singh and Payal RohatgiSangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi a well known couple dating presently or Kareena and Imran playing the role of a couple in a movie will be your cup of tea. When you will be going to theatres and spending on tickets? We believe Payal and Sangram as their on screen chemistry is not an act played for a movie but the emotions and love between them which is being portrayed. People will love to watch them together. They will not only enjoy movie as a masala and complete entertainment but have an opportunity to see real love story. It was easy for the direction to cast them together as when you see the movie you will find the love scenes between them true and passionate. There you will be able to see not only the romantic love story but thriller, hate, sadness and separation. In every aspect the couple has shot well and there seems nothing which can raise a question mark on their performances. It is lovely to see reality on real screen. The simplicity of Sangram Singh can be very well seen in his acting and in his dialogues while Payal played a matured role in front of him as she is expert in handling such roles and responsibility alone on her shoulders.
Pretty payal in “Ore Bahawara” in Valentines Night has flaunted her very art of being a true actress. In the song she has well portrayed herself as in a girlfriend whose condition got worse when her other half’s response let her know that he is trying to maintain distance with her. Her very acts prove to be real and the situation in which she was captured, many young girls must have gone through and they will start imagining themselves in place of Payal Rohatgi when once they will see the video of the song. It is such a melodious song that you will start singing it along.
O ree bawara
Banker bawara jhooman jugnu taron se hath milaye
Shama bhe usee chuna chahe pagla hath naa aaye
Dil kyu dhadke aansu chalke munden palkehalke halke
Naino mai saari raat barse ho

Haine naina
Kare kare naina
Matwale naina
Le gaye chaina
Kar gaye baawara se

Nadi kinare mai gaye or pani jhilmil ho
Tum saiyan us paar haan kiswith mil na hoye
Kuch mere jo sune pade ho jage hai tere liye
Lamhe mere jo khali rahe vo pure he tumne kiye

O ree bawara…..

Sangram Singh is the fittest in Survivor

In an experiment on birds Darwin very well said species only survive when they have the ability to adapt themselves in the environmental surroundings. Also for their livelihood at times they have to kill others. Similarly, Catan and Tayak Tribe of Survivor India, a reality show on star plus is giving cut throat competition to others for their survival on Island. There is not a single fight with their friends and contestants on the show but everyone has to undergo the pressure of natural and environmental changes. The tension about elimination and excitement of winning immunity are the only things contestants are having in their mind. Who will when backstab the other no one knows? There is always a state of dilemma in contestants mind that whether they play for the team and win or they plan a voting strategy against one another. In such a difficult situation they all are living together and striving for their ultimate achievement and success be it in a game or in life.
Sangram singh
Spinning round and round then holding oneself with a start and reaching the goal was not child’s play. No matter how strong you are? How aged you are? How clever you are? The winning of the game ultimately demands sportsman spirit. After continuous defeats of Catan Tribe it was a wonderful day when they won the immunity under the guidance of Sangram Singh and team’s support. Everyone in the team was excited and with full zeal and zest they played and win the task and in lieu attain the immunity. They also became glad when after so long they tasted such delicious food. Payal Rohatgi, the one who loves eating and never misses the dish deliciously cooked enjoyed in the company of Sangram and together they had Sandwitches and Juice.

Although, the previous day was not as rewardful for them, they were sad on the strategy played by JD to vote out Shilpa from the tribe. Payal Rohatgi lost her clothes, bottle and other useful on the shore of sea. The tide came and took away Payal’s Clothes. In a way it was not an easy day for her. She was mentally and physically tortured but at the same time if we turn down the events and see the past the tide in a way was helpful as it took along all the sorrows and defeat of Catan and give them a smile on their faces which was longer, stronger and shiner. The task given by the crew to the contestants was scramble which in turn was the answer to the above. Winning for themselves and their achievement was a healthy sign for Catan to give a strongest fight to Tayak who were more in number and strength. Even then simplicity of Sangram and his way of handling authority of leadership brightens the faces of people of Catan Tribe and has given them a reason to smile and satisfactory upcoming days on the Island.

What makes Payal Rohatgi’s Valentine Special

This time the valentines going to be very special for the hot and happening couple in the town. We are here talking about none other than Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi. The real life couple is celebrating their movie and love together on 14th February this year. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for them to enjoy. The celebration also matters a lot to them as its Sangram’s and Payal’s first valentine which they are spending with the person they love and dating. Payal Rohatgi is excited for her movie Valentines Night and says the movie gone hit as her chemistry with Sangram Singh will going to rock screens. The people will not only love to see them together but will get a fresh love story to see even. The romance scenes on the screen shot between the couple is must watch. One cannot only visualize their real life love but co-relate it with the movie as well. The working together of both the couple will not feel audience bore or immature in their act but they will enjoy it as sizzling couple’s story.Sangram singh and payal rohatgi
After 2 years, the time of joy and love comes in Payal Rohatgi’s life. She is dating Sangram Singh and they signed a movie together, a love thriller Valentine’s Night. “The Valentine will going to be more special for her as this time someone other than her family and friends will be with her.” says Payal Rohatgi. The blend of Valentine Day’s celebration and the movie Valentine’s Night will make her year remarkably adorable. Her professional and personal life has taken the new turn this year and we hope for her success in both the streams.
The compatibly between the couple is such that they both understand and help each other in a way which proved to be lucky for another. In their interviews we have find Sangram always praising Payal for her support and valuable advises which has helped him in doing such a major task. On the contrary, Payal never credited herself for this but says its all Love. May their love be blessed and we will see the hottest couple again on screens. The love relationship between a Hunk and Bubbly beauty will make jealous many couples in the town. Ultimately the couple can be named as a blend of simplicity and boldness. Altogether their traits are two edges of a river yet they are together with the grace of God and Nature.